Dr. Jared Nichols - USDA-Certified Veterinarian


Dr. Jared Nichols went into college thinking he was going to be a chemical engineer; however, after taking a job at a veterinary hospital, he discovered his true calling.

He will say it sounds cheesy and he can't explain it but it's true. Once he saw the world of veterinary medicine he knew he had to be a part of it. "It just felt right." While he'd always loved animals, he also found compassion for people and intrigue for medicine. "Working with living creatures was so much more challenging and felt so much more fulfilling than studying flow rates through pipes and chemical reactions." With that, he changed his major and set his sights on veterinary school. He continued to work at the veterinary hospital for 5 years while completing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Nichols then attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine graduating in 2016.

After graduation, Dr. Nichols spent 2 years in Oklahoma at mixed animal and exotic pet medicine practices performing general and emergency medicine and surgeries. Growing up with cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens contributed to his overall experience as well. Joining our team in 2018, we like to say Dr. Nichols got here as fast as he could.

With a special interest in surgery, internal medicine, and family veterinary practice, Dr. Nichols' goal is to know all his clients and their pets individually. "I want to be there for clients through all stages of their pet's lives; to stick with them through routine stuff and the hard stuff." This exemplifies our practice philosophy completely.

Dr. Nichols shares his home with Gentry and Jack, his energetic German Shepherds, Chico, his lazy Chihuahua, and his cats Hannibal and Clarice. He enjoys spending his spare time with his friends and family, at the lake or beach, enjoying a beer or wine tasting, working out, or going to the movie theater.